Automate Customer Support for Your Shopify Store With AI

Experience the power of a ChatGPT tailored just for your Shopify online stores. Your customers will receive instant, personalized assistance from a chatbot that’s been trained on your shop content and operates 24/7.

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Empower Our AI with Your Store's Data

Connect your Shopify store and fine-tune our AI to your Store's data: products, policies, shipping rates, orders, blog posts, other web pages content, other context data. This enables swift and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

Automated Leads Retrieval for Follow-Ups

Streamline lead generation processes with our AI assistant, effortlessly collecting and organizing lead information for seamless follow-up.

Teach AI to Better Respond to Visitor Questions

Take charge and enhance the AI's abilities by providing feedback and teaching it to improve its responses to visitor inquiries. Your input empowers the AI to deliver more accurate and helpful answers.

Automated Responses to Customer Interactions Across the Web

Streamline not only live chats with your customers, but also explore our Chrome Extension designed to automate answering any business related customer communications on any website or web tool: email inquires, customer reviews, customer comments on websites like Gmail, Google Reviews, Facebook Pages, Twitter, and more...

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We are Privacy-friendly

Ensuring your privacy and security is paramount to us. Compliant with GDPR regulations, we handle your data with utmost care and confidentiality. Your source data and chat data is securely encrypted both during transmission and while at rest.


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